Drugs, Guns and Co-op
SKOAR!|April 2017

Ghost Recon Wildlands Awesome Co-op, but the Storyline and Missions Are a Bit Disappointing.

Hardik “Fluffy Vader” Singh

A South American drug cartel, a roster of unmemorable characters, wavering storyline and an added but unnecessary CIA angle played out in an almost picturesque Bolivian outback. All this may sound like a seemingly predictive Hollywood action flick, but unfortunately, this in essence is Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands. That being said, the latest squad-based game does give an all new perspective to the tactical shooter genre offering an open world to browse, manipulate and make use of during missions. Ubisoft has opened up a world of possibilities (both good and bad), without hindering with the ethos of the franchise and its signature trick – the “Sync shot”.

Vast picturesque outback

Ghost Recon Wildlands is an open world game in the true sense of the word. You can just hop onto a helicopter right from the very start of the game and fly to the end of the map. The whole game world is open for exploration and what a world Ubisoft has created. The AnvilNext engine used in this game has one of the farthest draw distance I have encountered and that in tandem with the picturesque Bolivian landscape makes the game a treat to look at. The South American country is full of jungles, remote hillside farms, mountains, snow covered tracks, salt flats and myriad of other eye-candy locations. However, if you are looking for Crysis level finesse in the wild shrub growing near your feet, you will be quite disappointed.

The slippery plot

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