Classic Training Camp
Muscular Development|May 2022
"You should treat calf raises like squats or deadlifts, meaning give them the same focus and intensity. If you do that, your calves will grow."
By Chris Bumstead

Knee Sleeves Prevent Injury

When should we wear knee sleeves, and why? I see you use them in your videos.

Even though I just turned 27 in January and I'm still a young guy, I already have old man knees. I wear knee sleeves for injury prevention when I go heavy on compound movements for legs like squats, hack squats, and leg presses. I don't wear them for my warm-up sets leading up to those because A, I don't want to completely depend on them, and B, I still like to do some sets completely free of any accessories. There is a big difference between knee wraps and knee sleeves. Wraps go on very tightly, usually so tight you can't have them on long before you start losing blood flow below the knees. The material is thicker and stiff, and they offer a lot of support. Sleeves are usually made of neoprene and are looser. They give a little support, but they do keep the knees warm.

Torn Hamstring Has Perks

I was sorry to hear that you tore a hamstring. Did anything positive come out of that?

Believe it or not, yes. Ever since I tore my right hamstring, it hurts and it cramps up a lot, but for some reason, it also improved my mind-muscle connection for both my hams. Now when I train hamstrings, they contract so hard it's like they're cramping. So my pro tip is this: tear your hamstring if you can't feel them working! That's a joke, of course. Please don't go out and tear a hamstring on purpose!

Joint Pain? Rest Doesn't Help

My knees are really starting to bother me. Do you think I should take some time off leg training, maybe a month or two?

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