Classic Shawn
Muscular Development|January 2022
10 questions with Shawn Ray
Photography by Per Bernal

1. Shawn, you travel a ton to support all of your regular shows and promotions. This year we notice MUTANT literally is in lockstep with you on the road with appearances, events and support. Interesting to see this tactic while many other brands and companies have backed away from grassroots-type efforts. What’s up with MUTANT Nation and what they are calling the World Tour?

MUTANT World tour! Yes 100%. Being a big part of MUTANT’s strategy in 2022, we wanted to show unprecedented support and connection to our cause. Extremely important with all that’s gone on to spread the word and really give back to the community that we all love. The pandemic slowed us all down but we are just getting started. The Shawn Ray Hawaiian Classic, up to Toronto for the Pro Show and then the Arnold, Olympia, FIBO and more. We are rising above the noise and spreading a positive message. It’s great overall to see the fans and be face to face with our friends around the world.

2. At this year’s Olympia in Orlando, MUTANT launched MADNESS ALL-IN in the pre-workout category. It was the first of the Shawn Ray Signature series. What’s next and when???

Ahh yes. My lips are sealed! I’ll tell you, though; something big is coming right before the Arnold that is really unique. A smart product that will help the fitness and bodybuilding crowd daily. That’s all that I can say, but rest assured, MUTANT will do it right. Stay tuned!

3. You’re a decorated former pro and Hall of Fame Bodybuilder. How do deal about social media and people who can’t handle or digest that, being that you only won two pro shows during your career?

Well, being that my main focus as a pro was to win the most prestigious contest in the world, the Mr. Olympia, which I spent my entire pro career pursuing – that includes 13 attempts with 12 consecutive top-five finishes against the world’s best and against at least seven of the 16 Mr. Olympia champions in the sport’s 56-year history – it wasn’t too bad. I competed with these Olympia winners: Chris Dickerson, Samir Bannout, Lee Haney, Dorian Yates, Dexter Jackson, Jay Cutler and Ronnie Coleman. When you look at it this way, it gives more perspective of just how competitive the Mr. Olympia contest really is!

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