Muscular Development|September 2021
Whole Food Meal Replacement

Nutrition is the key to building muscle, but what is the perfect meal to help build a lean, muscular physique? While many people might head straight to the kitchen to whip up a musclebuilding culinary delight, CARNIVOR™ LEAN MEAL packs more muscle building nutrition than you could ever create in the kitchen.

CARNIVOR™ LEAN MEAL from MuscleMeds® is a muscle-building smorgasbord made from real whole-food ingredients, in an ultra-clean formula that features USDA-inspected beef protein isolate, white potatoes and sweet potatoes, to provide the highest quality protein and carbohydrate sources. Each serving of CARNIVOR™ LEAN MEAL packs 340 lean calories from 40 grams of beef protein isolate and 40 grams of healthy carbs from white potato and sweet potato. CARNIVOR™ LEAN MEAL is also free of fat, sugar, cholesterol, lactose and gluten, for the cleanest and leanest muscle-building meal you could consume.

CARNIVOR™ LEAN MEAL is a quick, delicious and nutritious meal replacement to fuel your body and help you build and maintain lean muscle. And incorporating CARNIVOR™ LEAN MEAL into your supplement regimen beats crafting a meal in the kitchen any day – you don’t have to clean up the mess or do the dishes.

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