Beating The Coronavirus: Reduce The Risk Of Infection Through The Eyes
Wild Sunshine|February - March 2020
The outbreak in January 2020 of the Corona Virus in China has the world in a tizz.
Adelle Gascoyne

The outbreak in January 2020 of the Corona Virus in China has the world in a tizz. The World Health Organisation declared the virus an international health threat as within days of the outbreak the virus has spread to 18 countries around the world.

The Corona virus is related to the SARS virus and causes respiratory illness and pneumonia. It is believed that the virus spreads the same way as the pathogens that cause colds and flu, often through droplets of people sneezing or touching the mouth , nose or eyes with hands that were in contact with the virus. Good personal hygiene, often washing the hands and avoiding touching the wet membranes on the face (mouth, eyes and nose) or broken skin. It is not yet known if the virus is airborne, but it was noted that simply wearing a mask over one's mouth and nose is not enough prevention as the virus can enter through the eyes.

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