Escape In Time
WINING & DINING in TOKYO|July 2017 Vol 51

Are you looking for something exciting to do when friends, family or colleagues visit Japan? It is time to visit ESCAPE HUNT TOKYO!

Escape games are a unique new way for teams to have a real experience solving puzzles and unlocking mysteries. Whether you have already tried an escape game or this is your first time, it is fun for everyone ages 7 to 70; the younger ones will enjoy exploring while the adults will tease their brains with original puzzles. Escape Hunt Tokyo is a perfect place for everyone to enjoy a shared experience: an immersive live escape game. The important thing is to have a great time together.

Don’t speak Japanese? Not a problem! The staff can serve you and your guests in English or Japanese. All game puzzles are in both languages so there is no language barrier between you and your escape!

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