He Missed the Scoop
True West|October 2021
John Clum was busy when the Tombstone street fight took place.

It’s entirely possible to get so engrossed in a task that one misses a big story, right in front of them. Take John Clum.

The weather was chilly in Tombstone on the morning of October 26, 1881. Clum, bundled up in his overcoat, walked the few blocks from his home to The Tombstone Epitaph office. As owner, publisher, editor, chief reporter and writer, advertising salesman, etc., most of the burden of getting the paper out fell on him.

He knew he had to be on his toes. Tempers were hot as the law enforcement side of the Earps and Doc Holliday came into greater conflict with the so-called Cowboys of the Clantons, McLaurys, et al.

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