Walking in Wenatchee
The Good Life|May 2020
What? Her walk? Yes, and the sights and people she sees are soul-enriching

Years ago, if someone had told me I’d someday be living in downtown Wenatchee — in an old fruit warehouse — I’d have told them, “You’re crazy.”

Now I do live in that old fruit warehouse. And I love it.

We moved from Chelan in 2006 because the first-class healthcare was 45 minutes away. Five major surgeries later (four for Steve, one for me) we know we made a wise choice.

Even if I were 30 years old and had no health problem worse than an occasional hangnail, I’d still choose to live in Wenatchee.”

But stop! Besides good doctors and hospitals, why do people come to Wenatchee? The answer — sports: Boating, fishing, golfing, hiking, rock climbing, river rafting, skiing, swimming.

“Mom,” my unbelieving daughter, who used to compete in AAU swim meets, said, “You? Sports? In 20 years vacationing at Lake Chelan Shores I never saw you in the pool. Reading books is your sport.”

I pouted. “I’ll have you know I walk three miles a day. Five days a week.

“And,” I continued, “I walk to my bank. Where I also go to my twice-a-month meetings of Wenatchee Valley Writer’s Group. To the library. To two shoe stores. You know I love shoes! To my attorney’s office. To a mail drop.

“At first I could walk to the actual post office, and to several restaurants. To a delightful home décor store. Don’t you remember? Last Christmas you said it was like a fairyland.

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