Belted Kingfisher: Loud And Proud
The Good Life|October 2019
Belted Kingfishers are bluegray birds that are about the size of an American Robin.
By Bruce Mccammon

For most of North America, this is the only Kingfisher we get to see. The southern Texas area is fortunate to add three other species of Kingfisher (Green, Amazon, and Ringed).

Even one species of Kingfisher can make a day of birding spectacular. They are loud, active and fun to watch fly and feed.

Found perching or foraging along rivers, streams and lakes, Kingfishers are one bird that can be easily identified by their profile, even if seen only as a silhouette.

Their large head supports a straight, thick, pointed bill. With short legs, a rigid, squaretipped tail and a stocky, firm body, the Kingfisher is a stand out from other birds that feed along water’s edge.

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