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The Finder Singapore|The Finder Kids Volume 28
Essential info on 10 exceptional international schools in Singapore.


EtonHouse is an international school catering from early years to senior years students with multiple convenient locations. Well-regarded for its high-quality international education and close-knit communities, it offers children a personalised learning environment. Its IB Primary Years, IGCSE Secondary Years and IB Diploma* in the high school years empower students to take ownership of their learning, putting the spotlight on their ideas and creations.

All about Individualisation

EtonHouse ensures a highly individualised approach. For instance, at EtonHouse International School @ Orchard, students have the option to take the Cambridge IGCSE subjects when they are ready – either in Year 9, 10 or 11 – rather than all of the subjects at the end of Year 11. The goal? To allow students to thrive and better prepare for their exams.

Love of Languages

EtonHouse is known for its second-language programmes and ESL support. It is the first international school in Singapore to offer a primary dual-language programme in English and Chinese. Students are also offered second language programmes in Hindi, Japanese and Spanish. EtonHouse is also expanding its preschool Chinese Immersion programme at Robertson Walk and 717 Mountbatten.

Caring Community

The school’s ethos centres around pastoral care within its campuses, developed through rich interactions between its staff and students.

Always Striving

In partnership with Oxford Summer Courses, during summer 2020, selected EtonHouse students will be offered exclusive scholarships to attend courses in the U.K., where they will get to immerse in the English culture and make friends!

A Parent’s Perspective

“When we first arrived in Singapore, my two daughters, 4 and 8 years old, did not speak English, and it was their first time moving away from our home country. We were all very excited and anxious. The language programme and friendly family environment at EtonHouse was a fantastic help to get the girls comfortable. The staff went above and beyond. Six months after starting school, my children were speaking English, having play dates and loving school. EtonHouse has helped us settle in Singapore in a beautiful way.” – Natacha Fernandes, mother of Maria, Year 6, and Margarida, Year 3


Globally focused, distinctly Australian: That’s the motto that the committed team at Australian International School (AIS) practises each day. The school is focused on elevating its educational excellence, and is also unswerving in its mission to provide a holistic, well-balanced education that successfully melds sports, the arts and academics. AIS’s students are also encouraged to have a moral commitment to bettering the world by learning to be reflective, caring and knowledgeable.

Inclusive Policies

The staff at AIS believes intellectual ability alone does not determine an individual’s worth or contribution to the world’s advancement. This is why it prioritises non-selective practices in its admissions policy so students may benefit from the many opportunities the school offers.

Beyond the Books

A holistic curriculum lies at the heart of AIS, and it offers three programmes that cater to each student’s needs. Young athletes benefit from the Athlete Development Programme, while musically inclined students can join the Young Musicians Programme. Students can build their resilience and eco-awareness through the Outdoor Education Programme.

At AIS’s Early Learning Village, little ones aged 2 months to 6 years are exposed to a Reggio Emilia-inspired learning environment specially designed to support a child’s journey.

A Winning Approach

AIS’s learning methodology is proven success as the school has been listed 21 times on the Higher School Certificate (HSC) Distinguished Achievers list in 2019. And, one of its students recently achieved the perfect score of 45 and the highest possible Australian Tertiary Admissions Rank (ATAR) of 99.95 in 2019.

Parents’ Perspective

“The AIS school community welcomed us to Singapore three years ago and has become an invaluable support network. We really enjoy the range of student programmes offered from classroom activities, sports, the arts and learning enrichment. AIS encourages our children to be the best version of themselves, within the framework of a strong educational focus. We know that no matter where our lives take us, the boys’ time at AIS will help them achieve their full potential.” – Anne and Jason parents of Zachary Leung (6T) and Zavier Leung (4G)


For 25 years (and counting), Chatsworth International School has provided an exceptional education to students from Kindergarten to Year 13 (Grade 12). As a three-programme IB school, it offers the International Baccalaureate (IB) Primary Years, Middle Years and Diploma Programmes in a nurturing and trusting environment to students of more than 50 nationalities.

A Holistic Difference

At Chatsworth, the aim is to create an environment that cultivates character development and personal learning. It has a balanced curriculum across academics, arts, sports and service-learning. Delivered by highly qualified and dedicated teachers from about 21 nationalities, Chatsworth students gain wide perspectives and insights, and benefit from a truly international education. Through a variety of school programmes and service activities, they develop holistically and learn to be socially responsible people.

Strength in Numbers

The foundation of Chatsworth’s education experience is its strong, supportive community of students, teachers, parents and school administrators. The members of Chatsworth Parent Group (CPG) participate in a variety of school and social events, helping to forge a close-knit Chatsworth community. It has an open-door policy and parents are always welcome on campus.

Purposefully Small

Since its establishment in 1995, Chatsworth’s class sizes have been kept small (a class average of 17). This allows students to be recognised for their individual talents and receive the attention and support to thrive. Each student gets lots of opportunities to be involved in wide-ranging CCAs, and sporting and leadership activities, to help them develop in their chosen field.

Parents’ Perspective

“Our two kids are enjoying their second year in Chatsworth, and we’re delighted to hear them asking to go to school every day, as it is so fun. We picked Chatsworth based on the campus size and its surroundings uniqueness, but we truly experienced a sense of community that brings a comforting and stable framework to our kids in an everchanging environment. Chatsworth’s approach is very inclusive and reflects nicely on the way each kid is considered.” – Stephanie and Xavier Mourot, parents of Abigail, Year 1, and William, Year 6


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