The Value of Grandparents
The Best of Times|October 2020
I am amazed all the time by families that come through my courtroom.
Judge Jeff Cox

I have the vantage point to see every kind of family. I see families that work through adversity together. I see families that fight each other and have a winner take it all approach. I see families where children are caught in the middle. And each time that I think that I have seen it all, I see something new. But one thing that I love to see is the grandparents in our community. With the Coronavirus, our lives have been dramatically impacted. One area where we have been dramatically impacted is with grandparents and their visitation with their grandchildren. Grandparents add so much to our family’s lives.

Grandparents are helpers. They have raised their own children and now have time to focus on their grandkids. In most instances, grandparents want to make things better for their families. Grandparents will usually volunteer to help their families in any way that they can.

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