I Halved My Weight With One Quick Trick
That's Life Magazines|November 21, 2019
Michelle wanted to make her kids proud
Beth Young

Don’t worry, it’ll fit,’ the ride operator smiled, as he tried clicking the harness over my big belly.

On the flying cars at the local show, I desperately tried to suck in my stomach.

At 142 kilos though, it was no use.

‘I’m sorry, darl’ – you’ll have to hop off,’ he said.

Face flaring bright red, I wanted the ground to swallow me up.

A stay-at-home mum, my weight had yo-yoed ever since puberty. After having kids, it’d ballooned. And I’d got bigger with each bub.

While I cooked my little ones healthy meat and veg, I’d gorge on greasy takeaways, chips and cakes.

At the Macca’s drive through, I’d order a large double quarter pounder meal, with an extra burger thrown in for good measure.

Then, I’d knock off a chocolate sundae for dessert.

My portions could easily feed a family of three!

Avoiding the scales, sometimes I forgot how big I was. Then, catching my reflection in the mirror, or spotting myself in a photo, I’d be horrified.

A size-26, finding clothes was a nightmare.

The bigger the better, I’d think, choosing whatever frumpy outfit fit.

One day, I found I could no longer squeeze into Kmart’s plus-sized options.

Oh my God! They’re literally running out of clothes in my size! I fretted.

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