How To Build Your Own Home Gym
T3 Magazine|March 2021
Currently public gyms aren’t easy to access – fortunately, with a little advice, you can build your dream gym at home

A home gym can be a worthwhile investment. We are all busy people and most of us are pretty good at finding reasons not to go to the gym – even when Covid restrictions allow them to open. But keeping active is so important. Not only for weight loss, but it has a whole host of other health benefits too, from strong bones and muscles, to combatting stress and anxiety.

In light of this, a home gym is often the ideal solution, even if you don’t have a huge amount of space. If you’re lucky enough to have a spare room or a nice garage you could convert, then you can go big with a treadmill, rowing machine and multigym. But, otherwise, just a little space in your living room or bedroom can work too.

But how exactly do you ‘build’ a gym? And how do you know which equipment is best, so you don’t waste your money on the latest fad that will become a clothes horse in a few months?


We’ve put together your ten must-have items to get your home gym started. Equipment that is small enough to store away and won’t break the bank, but still packs a punch.


The pull-up is the finest upper-body bodyweight exercise there is. You may find it tough to start with, but it’s great for building muscle in your arms, back and shoulders. It will even strengthen your core too. You can also do a number of basic gymnastic exercises on a pull-up bar to vary your workout. Plus they can be hooked over or fitted inside any doorway and then easily stored.

Here are some great pull-up bars to kick off your upper-body workout.


Plyometrics, also known as ‘jump training’, involves jumping on and off a box that’s used as a platform. It involves exercises where muscles exert maximum force in short intervals of time. They’re great for building speed and explosive power.

You can also use a plyo box for squatting, bench dips, and other non-jumping exercises. Try using it against the wall if you’re using one for the first time so it doesn’t move so much if you don’t quite manage to reach the top.

Jump on board with one of these plyo boxes.


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