T3 Magazine|May 2021
A reminder that not all affordable wireless headphones are created equal


If you were to judge wireless headphones purely on an ‘enjoyment per pound’ basis, the AKG Y400 would come very near the top of the list. In fact, they have a strong claim to a high up spot if you factor most other things in too. Despite being very affordably priced, it doesn’t feel like corners have been cut on sound, and they even manage to be more than a little stylish while they’re at it.

AKG has done its utmost to keep both the weight and the cost of the Y400 down to the minimum, but that doesn’t mean they’re in any way lacking where quality of construction is concerned. The memory foam-filled pleather earcups and the brief padding on the inside of the headband make sure the AKGs stay comfortable on heads of all sizes, although those with a wider head than average might find the fit a little ‘clampy’. There’s a fair bit of adjustment in the headband, though.

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