Bag Drop
OFFGRID|Issue 41
The Escalated Threat Pack
Patrick McCarthy
Active shooters, terrorists, and other mass-murderers have no uniform code of conduct. They carry out vicious attacks on a variety of targets, with little to no warning and a goal of generating carnage as quickly as possible. They select the most effective weapons they can get their hands on, and hope their victims are utterly defenseless.

The concealed pistol on your belt is an excellent tool for self-defense against these adversaries, but it’s not the best possible tool for every situation. There’s a reason law enforcement officers carry shotguns and/or carbines in their vehicles in addition to their duty pistols. If you’re ever facing an opponent with multiple weapons, hundreds of rounds of ammo, and possibly even body armor, having those same tools at your disposal can even the odds. With this worst-case scenario in mind, I set out to build what I refer to as an “escalated threat” pack — a set of tools for situations that might require more than a handgun.

Before I proceed, I want to make something clear: This gear would only be used in a very narrow set of circumstances. If a mass shooting occurs, escaping safely with your loved ones (and anyone else you can help) should be priority number one. I’m not telling you to kit up, rush in, and try to stop the bad guy on your own. Doing so could lead to you being shot by the perpetrator or by confused first responders who think you are the perpetrator. But in an instance where you’re trapped in the path of an oncoming, heavily armed enemy, and have at least a few seconds to prepare, these tools can give you a better way to defend yourself.

The Weapon

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