Life in Pictures: The Borough President Lives in Borough Hall
New York magazine|May 25 - June 07, 2020
Eric Adams, in for the duration.
Christopher Bonanos

TO CLARIFY: ERIC ADAMS has indeed left Borough Hall in the past six weeks. The Brooklyn borough president goes for walks across the street in Columbus Park, and “every day, I spend a lot of time in our hospitals and our schools—oftentimes people don’t realize those on the front lines are in constant need of supplies, and those supplies don’t get there unless someone is dropping them off.” But at night he doesn’t go back to his place in Bedford-Stuyvesant, where he lives on his own. Instead, he’s set up a mattress in front of his desk and brought in fitness gear, some spices, and his NutriBullet blender. Apart from making a couple of laundry runs, he hasn’t been home since the staff began working remotely in March.

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