Ryan Reynolds & Sandra Bullock Caught Out!
New Idea|November 23, 2020
The former lovers reunite – but his wife is not happy!

Hollywood sweethearts Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds are reuniting for a sexy new romantic comedy – but it’s causing trouble with the actor’s real-life love, Blake Lively!

New Idea has learnt the Gossip Girl actress, 33, is less than impressed at the prospect of her husband Ryan locking lips with Sandra, whom he dated in 2011 following the collapse of her marriage to serial cheater Jesse James.

“She trusts Ryan implicitly and won’t forbid him from taking this part, but the idea of him getting cosy with Sandra makes her uneasy,” shares an insider.

“He’s known to have a huge soft spot for her and lights up whenever she comes up in conversation. Plus, anyone who saw them back when they dated will vouch for the incredible chemistry and attraction they shared.”

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