Nicole & Reese's: Big Little Lies Bust-Up!
New Idea|February 22, 2021
Tension over the hit show’s future has caused a rift between the once-close co-stars

Reese Witherspoon and Nicole Kidman’s inseparable bond has reportedly taken a hit over negotiations of the next season of their hit show, Big Little Lies.

A source tells New Idea that Reese, 44, is upset over Nicole’s supposed reluctance to return for a third season of the HBO limited series, even though she previously said she was all for it.

“There is a grumbling among cast and crew that Big Little Lies is basically being held hostage by Nicole looking out for herself,” the source reveals. “A lot of people believed the closeness of this cast would mean they were all in for each other.”

According to the source, Nicole, 53, has little intention of returning to any US-based productions, including Big Little Lies, for the foreseeable future and is “only going to take on projects in Australia”.

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