Genius Ways To Stop Procrastinating
New Idea|July 26, 2021
Simple steps for a more productive life

In this day and age, distractions are all around us – mainly from our tech devices. In fact, research from time trackers, RescueTime, has revealed the average person checks their email or instant messaging every six minutes. We also spend four hours per day on our mobile phones, with half that time dedicated to social media platforms. This is the equivalent to spending six weeks per year on social media (assuming you sleep for eight hours every night and the glow of Instagram isn’t keeping you awake!), according to psychologist Dr Amantha Imber.

Add to this our increasingly short attention spans, and it’s no wonder it can be a struggle to tick off your to-do list.

“In the world of working from home, there are many more distractions to grab our attention [such as] putting a load of washing on, having our 14th snack of the day, and Netflix binges,” says Dr Imber. “There are dozens of fun things to do during work hours other than our actual work. And all of this is available to us without even setting foot outside.”

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