Freezing My Eggs Nearly Killed Me!
New Idea|February 22, 2021
The harrowing experience led Claire to appreciate life more

When Claire Summers made the decision to freeze her eggs, she had no idea it would nearly kill her!

The then 37-year-old ended up in the ICU after having a reaction to IVF treatment.

Claire’s near-death experience led her to start a daily gratitude practice.

Remarkably, the simple act lifted her out of depression and inspired her to start her business Gratitude Glass Jars, which was hailed as one of Oprah Winfrey’s favourite products of the year!

Now, Claire, from Torquay, VIC, is encouraging others to practice gratitude in their lives.

“I am a big believer that once you write something down, you can’t ignore it or hide from it,” Claire, now 40, tells New Idea.

“It makes you change your behaviour. You start attracting further things into your life that bring you joy and you can see the positives from the negative.”

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