Ange & Brad The Worst Is Yet To Come
New Idea|September 20, 2021
There’s still no end in sight, as Ange speaks out again

This week marks five years to the day since Angelina Jolie shocked the showbiz world by announcing her intent to divorce Brad Pitt, following an alleged altercation between the actor and eldest son, Maddox, on the family’s private jet.

And while most Hollywood divorces – acrimonious or not – are signed and sealed within around two years, Jolie vs Pitt is still limping its way through the Los Angeles family courts.

New Idea’s exclusive sources explain that the delay seems to be “by design from Angelina”. The protective mother has “thrown roadblocks down anywhere she can to prevent Brad sharing custody of their [five youngest] children”.

This seemingly includes waiting until the case’s final days to successfully have Judge John Ouderkirk, who married the pair in 2014, thrown out. Ange, 46, alleges he failed to disclose how close he was to Brad, 57.

Brad’s camp hit back earlier this month, alleging it was merely “gamesmanship” from Ange. A petition was filed that read: “After more than four years of contentious litigation … an important and considered custody decision will be entirely undone as a result of an administrative error that is wholly unrelated to the merits of the custody dispute itself.”

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