6 Easy Hacks To Declutter For Good
New Idea|July 20, 2020
Streamline your life with these genius tips – the kids will even want to get involved!

Got junk everywhere and not sure where to start to tackle the problem? It could be school work, toys, a shed full of tools, or clothes that you think you may wear again … one day. Here are some sure-fire ways to sort it out for good.


According to Jo Carmichael, a professional organiser and declutter expert, and founder of All Sorted Out (allsortedout.com.au), if your kids (or you!) are undecided about giving away or keeping an item, give them a ‘think about it’ box.

“Start with baby steps so you don’t overwhelm them,” says Jo.

“Place items that they’re unsure about into this box, and leave it there for a set time – say, 10 days. Put the date on the box – July 26, 2020, for example. Revisit the box on that day for a decision, and if the child is no longer fond of an item, it can be moved on. If it’s a sentimental item, it could be kept in a ‘keepsakes’ box but not on the kitchen bench in the run of everyday living.”


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