Wrap this one in maroon and white
Mississippi Magazine|September - October 2020
My dad was a big fan of Mississippi State football.

On Saturdays, we would load into the family car and drive north from Quitman until we were within the broadcast signal from WMOX, Meridian’s premier AM station. Around Clark County State Park, the signal became static-free. There we would snack on boiled peanuts while the Bulldogs battled the foe of the week. Even before I was old enough to recognize the numbers on the dial, I learned to find State’s games by the distinctive voice of their play announcer, Jack Cristil. As I grew, so did my appreciation for Jack’s ability to make a game come to life. His description of a game was so vivid that, on occasion, when a game was televised, I would turn down the volume on the TV, and turn on the radio.

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Can Miami tackle their tackle issues?

The Miami Dolphins currently have a 2020 first-round pick, a 2021 second-round pick, a 2019 second-round pick, and a player who has started 56 games for them over the last four seasons to choose from at right and left tackle.

3 mins read
Dolphin Digest
October 2021



2 mins read
Soap Opera Digest
September 27, 2021

Days of our lives

MONEY TALKS Xander refuses to hand the $1 million back to EJ until EJ produces a signed contract from Nicole regarding his job at Basic Black. Later, EJ persuades Nicole to take Xander back.

3 mins read
Soap Opera Digest
September 20, 2021

China's Alibaba Promises $15.5B For Development Initiatives

E-commerce giant Alibaba Group said it will spend $15.5 billion to support President Xi Jinping’s campaign to spread China’s prosperity more evenly, adding to pledges by tech companies that are under pressure to pay for the ruling Communist Party’s political initiatives.

2 mins read
September 10, 2021


As the lone occupant of the Abbott manse, Jack can’t help but feel a little melancholy. “Ashley is in Paris and Traci is in New York, but thank God Jack had Kyle,” Peter Bergman (Jack) explains.

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Soap Opera Digest
September 13, 2021


During the pandemic, Ian Rankin stepped away from Rebus and into the shoes of friend and literary hero, the “Godfather of Tartan Noir” William McIlvanney.

10+ mins read
Mystery Scene
Fall #169, 2021

Bold and beautiful

PROMISE ME Steffy tells Finn she does not blame him for Sheila’s appearance at their wedding reception, but she insists the only way to keep Hayes safe is to keep Sheila away. Finn promises to protect their son while Steffy goes on a business trip with Hope.

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Soap Opera Digest
September 06, 2021


Now that Steffy caught Sheila holding Hayes, a furious Jack goes to see Sheila. “Jack threatens Sheila to leave town,” previews Kimberlin Brown (Sheila). “And as B&B fans know, Sheila doesn’t respond well to threats. She also wonders about Jack’s true motivation. Is it more about his son? Sheila knows he does care very deeply for Finn. Or, is he actually more concerned about Sheila going to his wife [Li] with the entire story? Jack stands to lose a lot, and in great Sheila fashion, she simply reminds him of that, like, ‘How dare you come and tell me what to do when I’m truly the one holding all the cards.’ ”

1 min read
Soap Opera Digest
September 06, 2021


What is it about Jaguar that makes it so loved and how did that come to be?

8 mins read
Jaguar Magazine
Issue 208

A Return to Colorado

Thirty leading art dealers will participate in a pop-up edition of Intersect Aspen.

1 min read
American Art Collector
August 2021