Mississippi mise en scene
Mississippi Magazine|January - February 2021
Inspired by bold color and eclectic cinematic set design, Gaynell Martin turned fantasy into reality in her show-stopping Hattiesburg home.

In 2017, Gaynell and Ryan Martin relocated from Georgia to Hattiesburg for Ryan’s medical residency program. The Martins have a family connection to Mississippi; Ryan’s parents grew up in Laurel. Hattiesburg quickly became the top of the couple’s rankings between family nearby and the charming people and places they encountered on visits to the area when matching for residencies. Gaynell commuted while finishing graduate school for her master’s degree in nursing as the couple built their first home in the Oak Grove area.

Through Gaynell’s bold creativity and the expertise of Richard Hiatt Construction, the team navigated the process seamlessly. The young couple lived in a townhouse in Georgia during Ryan’s medical school years, and Gaynell took great joy in decorating their first home. Interior decorating is both a passion and a hobby for the busy nurse practitioner. The Martins were able to embrace design and construction methods from the beginning and personalize each space to their tastes. “Being able to really dig into the process of building a home was an amazing experience for me both creatively and from a learning standpoint,” Gaynell notes. The couple recognized this wouldn’t be their forever home, considering the location’s uncertainty in Ryan’s professional training. Still, they wanted to stay true to their vibrant style while keeping in mind the resale value.

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