Memories at moon lake A couple's lakeside proposal at sunset turns into a sweet celebration with family.
Mississippi Magazine|January - February 2021

Mallory Nicole Morris and Brennan Keith Collins grew up in Clarksdale, attending high school together; however, dating never crossed their minds at the time. It was December of 2013 when they were both homes from college for the holidays when they went on their first date— and sparks flew. From that moment on, they dated long-distance as each pursued their educational and career goals until their engagement in 2018.

“We got engaged Friday, April 27, 2018,” Mallory shares of the surprise occasion, also recalling that earlier that day, she had taken a final exam and felt exhausted, wishing she could stay home and rest that evening. Nevertheless, she had already committed to accompanying Brennan to a business dinner. “While I was getting ready, my mom was suggesting what I should wear and how I should fix my hair. I thought this was a little strange, but I didn’t think about it too much.”

On their way to the restaurant, Brennan received a frantic call from Mallory's brother, saying he lost his wallet at the family lake house and asked them to help find it. “Brennan agreed just a little too quickly, and I started to get suspicious,” Mallory remembers. Next, Brennan’s coworker called asking what appetizer to order for him and Mallory, and her suspicion eased.

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