A Return To Prime Dining
Lifestyle Asia|December 2020 - January 2021
Dining out, with all its current risks, requires the utmost quality and service. Thankfully, Wagyu Studio in BGC makes it all worthwhile
Ysmael Suarez

The yearning to dine out with friends and family has slowly been satiated the past few months with the easing of lockdown restrictions. This has helped the F&B industry gradually get back on its feet and has once again provided the opportunity for new concepts to open and delight eager diners. True, the risk is high for new businesses to be launching at this time, even more so for dine-in restaurants. But as with any risk, great are the rewards when the steaks are just as great. Enter Wagyu Studio’s October debut that quells all these risks and doubt with the refined simplicity of quality Wagyu beef and served with some gumption.

Upon entering Wagyu Studio, your sight goes first to the long bar where they prep and serve out their dishes and drinks. After that you see the tables installed with their grills, the insides are dimly lit but pleasantly so. This low lighting draws focus to the few elements that are lit which are mainly the grills and the meat, giving you everything you need to know about what they’re all about. On the unique experience of Wagyu Studio, Managing Director LA Clavano says the brand is a contradiction. Exceptional dining that pays reverence to high-quality ingredients but served with a heavy dose of modern Japanese cool. This aforementioned ‘modern Japanese cool’ comes in the form of Chef Yoji Kitayama, whose experience spans 19 years with stints in Amsterdam, Tokyo, Bangkok, and many other spots in between. When asked about what kind of experience patrons can get from Wagyu Studio, Kitayama says, people are going to have fun.

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