Sennheiser IE 900 £1,100
Hi-Fi Choice|August 2021
Sennheiser’s new flagship IEM, fresh from a five-star review in last month’s HFC, is a class act


PRODUCT Sennheiser IE 900

ORIGIN Germany

TYPE In-ear monitor


● Driver type: single dynamic

● Shell: aluminium

● Cables: 2.2mm and 4.4mm balanced, 3.5mm

DISTRIBUTOR Sennheiser UK Ltd.

It seems everything has been designed to extract the best possible sonic performance from this four-grams-a-side flyweight. Key to the endeavour, a lone driver of just 7mm diameter resides in a meticulously machined aluminium housing, which itself employs resonance chambers to extend the driver’s frequency response.

Also recognised by the Beyerdynamic-engineered A&K, a single driver is good for cohesion and keeping phase issues in order and, of course, has no need of a crossover and its attendant presence region distortions. A smooth and extended bass and treble? Not so much. This is where clever chimes in. The so-called X3R driver builds on the “Extra Wide Bandwidth” principles of Sennheiser earlier designs. Its diaphragm is formed from a blend of polymers that make it both exceptionally stiff and low in resonance.

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