Binge Away 2020
HWM Singapore|December 2020
A.K.A. HWM’s “Festive” year -end stay-athome digital entertainment guide
Tim Augustin & Kenneth Ang

Thank you Covid-19 for ruining 2020, but the end is in sight, and we don’t just mean the end of 2020. With promising initial results of multiple Covid-19 vaccines, the end to the pandemic as well. December usually brings holidays and shopping sprees, but chances are you’re still hunkered down at home, possibly with very bored kids. So here’s our curated list of binge-worthy TV shows and video games to get you through December… and the school holidays.

1 The Crown Season 4 – Netflix

This season of the critically acclaimed royal drama finally brings Princess Diana and Margaret Thatcher into the fold! With the 1970s coming to a close, Queen Elizabeth and her family try to keep the line of succession safe by finding a bride for Prince Charles. Charles finds romance with Diana Spencer, and while it looks like a fairytale to the general public - it’s anything but that for Diana. Charles. Charles finds romance with Diana Spencer, and while it looks like a fairytale to the general public - it’s anything but that for Diana. This will also be Olivia Colman’s final season as Queen Elizabeth.

2 The Animaniacs - Hulu

Nostalgia, thy name is Animaniacs. Those who grew up with the zany Warner siblings will surely appreciate their revival in this new series. These fuzzballs haven’t skipped a beat, throwing out jokes and parodies at a rapid-fire pace. A couple of characters from the original show are missing, but at least Pinky and the Brain have stuck around!

3 His Dark Materials Season 2 - HBO

His Dark Materials is back! The action-packed fantasy drama adapts The Subtle Knife from Phillip Pullman’s books this season. Picking up from where the first season left off, Lord Asriel has opened a bridge to a new world, with Lyra following in tow. Finding herself in a strange abandoned city, she befriends a boy - and finds that their destinies are tied together. Series newcomer Andrew Scott (Fleabag) will also show up at some point, if you still need to be sold.

4 Small Axe - BBC First/BBC Player

John Boyega (Star Wars: The Force Awakens) and Letitia Wright (Black Panther) lead the cast of this new drama. Small Axe is the first TV project from Steve McQueen (12 Years a Slave), based on the real-life experiences of London's West Indian community. This is an anthology series, following multiple characters' stories - from a group of activities fighting against police persecution to a teenager experiencing a blues party.

5 Run - Hulu

If you’re still hungry for more Sarah Paulson after Netflix’s Ratched, here she is starring in another horror-thriller. In Run, a home-schooled and disabled teenager starts to suspect her overprotective mother of hiding secrets from her but what could they be?

6 Hillbilly Elegy – Netflix

Ron Howard’s next movie follows a former Marine who has to return to a home he’s desperately tried to forget due to a family crisis. Stuck in a place he doesn’t want to be in, he’ll have to reconnect with his Appalachian family. A feat made difficult due to his volatile relationship with his mother, unfortunately. Glenn Close, Amy Adams, Gabriel Basso and more star in this drama.

7 The Christmas Chronicles: Part 2 - Netflix

It’s Kurt Russell as Santa Claus - again! Are you really going to pass that up? In this sequel, siblings Kate and Teddy Pierce have changed a lot since they saved Christmas. Kate is now a cynical teenager, spending Christmas in Cancun with her mum’s new boyfriend and his son Jack. A mysterious troublemaker named Belsnickel makes things complicated when Kate tries to run away however, and she finds herself pulled into another adventure with Santa Claus. Now, why does the name Belsnickel sounds so familiar...?

8 Uncle Frank - Amazon Prime Video

If you’re looking for a heartwarming non-Christmas themed dramedy, this might be a good pick. Teenager Beth Bledsoe (Sophia Lillis) leaves her rural Southern hometown to study at New York University, reconnecting with her beloved Uncle Frank (The Avengers’ Paul Bettany). Frank has been keeping a secret however, and a tragic family event forces him to return home with Beth and face a trauma he’s been running away from.

9 Happiest Season - Hulu

Christmas season has begun! In this rom-com, a young woman plans to propose to her girlfriend while attending her family’s annual holiday party. Unfortunately, she realises at the party that her partner hasn’t come out to her parents yet - and shenanigans ensue. Happiest Season has a pretty amazing cast, starring Kristen Stewart, Mackenzie Davis, Mary Steenburgen, Victor Garber, Aubrey Plaza, Dan Levy and more. Can’t wait for this one!

10 The Flight Attendant - HBO GO

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