Guideposts|December /January 2021
TY’ANN BROWN, Vice President, Ministries
TY ANN BROWN, Vice President Ministries

I was eight years old that Christmas, and I wanted to get something special for my mom and my older sister, Tanya. We were living in an apartment in Spanish Harlem, in Manhattan, close enough to school that I could walk there with my friends—Tanya keeping an eye out for me—while Mom went to work.

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Identity is a version of reality we experience according to the vision we are using.

4 mins read
Transformation Magazine
March 2021

Enchanted New York

A tale of religion in Manhattan in the 19th and 20th centuries

6 mins read
Reason magazine
April 2021

The Gut Renovation of Ryan Serhant

He was a real-estate striver slinging cheap rentals until ‘Million Dollar Listing’—and a pandemic market—made him the plutocracy’s broker of choice.

10+ mins read
New York magazine
February 15–28, 2021

The Nightmare Share

She posted an ad for a roommate. What’s the worst that could happen?

10+ mins read
New York magazine
February 1-14, 2021


The founder of a nanotechnology company was arrested Wednesday on fraud charges after authorities said he accepted over $12 million from investors who were told NASA was helping him develop a breathalyzer to detect cancer and narcotics.

2 mins read
Techlife News
December 12, 2020

Papi's Sign

“I saw a butterfly,” my mother said with a shy smile. It was the first time I’d seen her smile since my father’s death the week before. After a seven-year period of steadily declining health, he’d passed away in his bed at home, surrounded by his wife and three daughters. It was a peaceful end to his suffering, but saying goodbye was still difficult. We all missed him terribly. Especially Mami.

3 mins read
Mysterious Ways
December/January 2021

The End of the Line

COVID-19 has forced the restaurant industry to rethink everything. No brand has seen a more dramatic shift than The Halal Guys, a food cart turned franchise where long lines and busy stores were part of the appeal. So how do you transform a hot spot into a safe, reliable meal?

10+ mins read
October - November 2020

For Most NYC Students, Back To School But Not The Classroom

Monday’s return to New York City schools wasn’t the one anyone planned for. For most, it wasn’t a return at all.

4 mins read
September 25,2020

Quarantine Innovations

DURING A CRISIS, books provide solace and hope, offering comfort in the literary world.

2 mins read
World Literature Today
Summer 2020

The Creator & The Muse

Didi Menendez, the muse of PoetsArtists, asked members of the group to create portraits of other members for an upcoming exhibition.

2 mins read
American Art Collector
May 2020