Baltimore magazine|February 2021
CEO, Job Opportunities Task Force
Corey McLaughlin

WHEN SHE GRADUATED FROM Baltimore City College in 2002, Caryn York thought she knew where her life would take her. “I was going to be a jetsetter,” she says, likely working in international law. But after college, the Park Heights native realized she didn’t have to go far to do meaningful policy work. After years in state and local politics, York is now making big changes as the youngestever CEO of the statewide, city-based nonprofit Job Opportunities Task Force (JOTF).

What does the JOTF do? Our mission is to help lowwage workers advance to high-wage jobs so they can be successful and support themselves. We’re a bit unique in that you’ll often find organizations that focus just on programs, research, or policy advocacy. We do all three and find that synergizing them is important to the success of our mission.

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