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American Survival Guide|March 2021
It wasn’t by plan, design or choice, but the prepping community made great strides in 2020. While the year started the same as most, as we now know, it soon began to take on many of the attributes of scenarios a lot of us have spent years planning and preparing for.
Por Mike McCourt

In a purely academic sense, this was an extended test and validation of the plans, skills, attitude and character of preppers across the country, if not much of the world.

Did we anticipate the types of situations we found ourselves immersed in? Some of these included food and materiel shortages, the lack of credible information and its sources, social unrest, lawlessness and the breakdown of government services and, in some cases, the outright refusal to perform perhaps its most basic function: maintaining order.

I think it’s safe to say that all these were on our radar, but we didn’t expect to see them cluster and compound each other as they did.

2020 was a complicated mix of causes and effects that kept us on guard constantly. The year’s “stove top” had many “pots” that took their turns and sometimes shared the moment, boiling up and simmering down. And we had few opportunities to take a deep breath and regroup.

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