American Outdoor Guide|Fall 2021

When planning or packing for vacation, what is the one tool that you always have on you? Your smartphone! With the App Store, you can find apps for virtually everything to help you with your next exploration.

From booking hotels, to visiting parks all over the nation, to identifying bugs and plants in your backyard, adventure can be found anywhere. There are apps that help you plan vacations when you aren’t sure where to visit. Others can help you go adventuring to places you never even thought of visiting while geocaching.

You can keep your paper maps and compasses as backups because some apps can give you directions with GPS location tracking directly to your phone. You don’t have to worry about getting lost. These apps can guide you whether you’re on a solo hike, bike, or run or just trying to keep your entire family entertained.

Here are some applications that can be your best companion when trying to find that next perfect adventure. The best part is they’re all free, although some of the apps do offer premium versions with fees attached.




This app is the latest and most efficient way to keep track of all your trip needs and itineraries. All at the tip of your fingers, you can check hotel prices, change flights, and even rent a car. Kayak has it all.

Kayak is a free travel search engine. The app isn’t selling anything to the customers using it. The main goal behind the app is to give customers the opportunity to find the best deals for their trips. Because Kayak isn’t selling anything, you can’t book directly on the app.

What Kayak can do is to search hundreds of travel sites to fit what you might be looking for in a trip. Within the app, there is a feature where you can compare flight prices between different airports and change them with no additional fees. The app also features private deals for users who book within the app.

Kayak also has a feature that allows users to search for the type of trip they’d like to take even if they’re not sure of where to go. There are also guides for quick getaways and suggestions on places to travel during certain months.

One of the newest features of the app is a reflection of recent times. It lets travelers know about the vaccination percentages for people in particular areas of potential travel interest. If you are looking to travel out of the country, Kayak also lists what restrictions might be in place for that country as well and if they require a COVID-19 test before entry.

The most convenient feature that this app provides is that you can keep all your travel plans in one space. You don’t have to hop from app to app to check your flights, hotels and other travel plans. You have the option to set a budget for your trip and the app will suggest what the best course of action is to have all your travel needs met.


Price Alert: Allows you to track prices on flights and hotels

Trips: Organizes your travel information into an itinerary that you can add to and edit

Explore: Shows you everywhere you can fly within your budget

Flex Search: Checks if you can save money if you have flexible travel dates

Private Deals: Save more on hotels and rental cars by just using the app

Price Forecast: Know when to book or wait for a flight




AllTrails features some of the best hiking, biking, and running trails that can be found all over the world. Users of the app can find more than 200,000 hand-curated maps with reviews and photos all provided by fellow hikers.

The app also shows where there are pet friendly and kid friendly trails so families of any shape and size can also join in. You can turn your phone into a GPS activity tracker to help you follow your trail so that you won’t get lost however far your travels take you.

While you’re on your adventure, the app will allow you to view your stats at a quick glance. AllTrails also allows users to share their favorite outdoor adventures with their friends and family on their favorite social media platforms.

If you find yourself loving everything the app has to offer in the free version, the app does also include a PRO upgrade. For $29.99 a year or with their three-year for the price of two deal for $59.99, users can find even more features to help their adventures go even smoother.

With AllTrails PRO, you can download offline maps, turn on off-route notifications, stay safe with Lifeline, along with so many others.

For every user purchase of AllTrails PRO, 1 percent of the purchase price will go directly to helping the environment.


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