SA Home Owner|February 2022
Hasmita Amtha unpacks all you need to know when having furniture made
Hasmita Amtha
There’s something special about having bespoke furniture made to your liking, or simply customising a piece to complement your home. It’s all about personalising your space and making your home an extension of you and your style.

Liani Douglas, founder and owner of architecture and product design studio Douglas & Company, has found that with people spending more time at home, there’s an increasing emphasis on the quality and longevity of items and spaces they interact with daily.

“There is also a focus on the poetic in addition to the pragmatic. Home owners are seeking out pieces that they have an emotional connection with. At Douglas & Company, our design focus is to bring excitement back to daily experiences, show reverence for the everyday and find delight in the ordinary.”

With this in mind, what should you look at when having furniture custom-made?


As a specialist in both custom-made and bespoke furniture, Bark & Steel owner Kenneth Scheepers clarifies the terms: “Bespoke is a one-of-a-kind, original piece where the entire design starts from a blank canvas. Customisation takes a pre-existing design and tailors it to fit a client’s requirements.

“When it comes to Bark & Steel, those two adjectives go hand in hand. All our pieces are custom-made, but we also seize the opportunity to work collaboratively with our clients and designers on bespoke pieces.”

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