Luxury underfoot
SA Home Owner|February 2022
Shereen Lurie shares the latest trends and top tips for choosing flooring for your home
By Shereen Lurie, Photography by Decobella, Seamless Flooring Systems, and Tile Africa

The flooring you select for your home can make a huge impact on its overall aesthetic. Searching for a modern, contemporary look? Seamless poured floors with no visible joins or ridges are a great option. Prefer a cosier, country-style feel? Wood-look tiles could be the right solution. Discover the many options available to suit every style and budget.


Longevity and style are the two factors you’ll need to consider when selecting flooring for your home. Your floors will need to complement the look and feel of your home and hold up against ongoing wear and tear.

According to Joanne Sykes, marketing director at Cemcrete, other important factors include your budget, whether you want different flooring or one continuous look throughout your home, and what your eco-friendly options are. “Once you have made these decisions and narrowed down the choices that fit within your scope, making the final decision should be relatively easy.”

Liza Watermeyer, visual display manager at Tile Africa, suggests you start the process by considering the way you live in your space and then choose flooring accordingly. “A home with children and pets may require more durable and low-maintenance flooring. Homes with a pool should consider a slip-resistant option that is waterproof.

“Do you entertain often or is your home a quiet sanctuary, away from the world? These factors will influence your choice of flooring to create a home that suits your personal needs and the way you use the space.”

Stephan Morgan, co-founder of Decobella, advises that you check with your supplier and tell them where you’d like the product installed. Think wet areas, outdoor, floor, wall, fireplace, slip factor and upkeep. “Materials, glazings and manufacturing techniques all offer varying benefits or are suited to specific applications.”

Ramielle de Jager, co-founder and managing director of Wolkberg Casting Studios, says because bathrooms are wet rooms, one must consider waterproof installations in the shower. “We always recommend sealing all grout lines, or you can add 100% bonding liquid to the grout mix for non-porous grout in the entire installation.

“Luxury vinyl tiles can change and adapt to trends, making them ideal for someone who wants to update the look and feel of their home.” - Barry Hatch, Top Carpets and Floors

“As the slip factor is a definite concern in this space, we recommend you opt for smaller-scale tiles as opposed to large-format. The more texture the more grip, and the more grout lines the more grip.”

“Adding tiles with pattern and print as accents can elevate and add interest to a space.” - Liza Watermeyer, Tile Africa

At the end of the day, your choice will be determined by what appeals to you most, says Barry Hatch, managing director of Top Carpets and Floors.

In terms of style, he recommends you don’t plan too far in the future as it’s impossible to know what will be in vogue five, 10 or 20 years from now. “Remember that luxury vinyl tiles, for instance, can change and adapt to trends, making them ideal for someone who wants to update the look and feel of their home every so often.”


An incredibly popular flooring choice is seamless flooring, which helps to create the illusion of space. Sykes adds that even in the bedroom, cement-based coatings are an option to maintain the look throughout the home, using rugs in strategic places for design and comfort.

“Once installed and finished off with the correct sealer, your new cement-based floor is very easy to clean and maintain, only requiring damp mopping. A good quality sealer is applied to help resist water, stains, dirt and abrasives.”

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