Let's Take It Slow
MyHome|April 2018

Embracing the lost art of slow living in today’s on-the-go world.

Patricia Herbolario

More and more people are opting to live slowly, and in a fast wold like ours, who can blame them?

That Sunday Morning Feeling 

Don’t you just love waking up on a Sunday with no alarm to snooze, your sheer curtains letting a bit of sunlight in, and hear the faint noise of the city buzzing below you? That’s what slow living is, and you have to learn how to incorporate that beyond Sunday. Slow living is that serene Sunday feeling before that other Sunday feeling—the one where you freak out because it’s Monday tomorrow. That second feeling is the exact anti-thesis of slow living.

What exactly is slow living? 

The concept of slow living doesn’t mean literally living in slow motion, neither does it mean being late. No, it doesn’t mean you have to enjoy getting stuck in EDSA’s notorious pace. And above all things, slow living is not procrastinating. Slow living is a lost art in today’s cityscape where everybody wants to zoom past their schedules to tick off everything on their to-do list. 

Slow living is connecting, minus a wi-fi connection. It’s connecting with your surroundings and most of all, yourself. It’s all about being really present in where you currently are. It tasks you to do one thing at a time, or even do nothing at some point.

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