A Bold New Look
Home Renovations|2019
A dated space was given a fresh start in just four months!
Beatrice Moore-Nothnagel

When Harald and Mpho Vackier moved to a bigger house in their complex in 2014, they planned a minor renovation to update the look. While the layout of their new home worked well, the couple soon discovered that there were a number of things they wanted to change.

“But once we began renovating, our list grew and grew!” says Mpho, an interior and furniture designer. “I hated all the dark timber. And everything in the bathrooms: the colour, the tiles and the shape of the bathtubs. In the end, we decided to go for it and gutted the place!”

Within four months, the couple had transformed the space. They had new windows installed and the garage was extended to include a gym and entertainment area upstairs. Luxury vinyl planks replaced the dated ceramic tiles throughout the home, except for in the bathrooms and kitchen where they opted for either tiles or cement.


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