Advice For New Homeowners
Family Handyman|September 2019

For tips on homeownership, there’s no better panel of experts than our readers—many of them have owned several homes over decades. So I asked them to send in their best advice for new homeowners. Here are some of my favorites.

Gary Wentz

Live in It Before You Remodel

Don’t try to make your home perfect right away. Live in it and let ideas come and go. You will eventually find the right one, and you won’t waste money on something that isn't necessary.


Keep Track of Improvements

Immediately start a home improvement file. Take photos of all projects that are done to improve your home and keep the receipts with those photos. If possible, go paperless in case of a major disaster.


Pad Your Budget

Most renovations will run over budget and cost more than you think. The final project costs presented on renovation TV shows just aren’t reality.


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