5 Amazon Echo Security Features, Tested
Family Handyman|March 2020
From monitoring the weather to controlling your smart home, Amazon Echo has hundreds of different skills.
Jason Ingolfsland

One that piqued my interest is Alexa Guard, a home security feature built right into the speaker. Say “Alexa, I’m leaving” to your Amazon Echo and it will activate guard mode, listening for breaking glass and smoke and carbon monoxide alarms. Upon detection, it will activate lights and integrate with select security systems, like ADT. You can even have your Amazon Echo make guard dog sounds to deter intruders. These seemed like handy security features, but I really wanted to test them in homeLAB and see if they held up to scrutiny. Here’s what I found.

Breaking Glass Detection

Amazon Echo claims to be able to hear breaking glass. Presumably, if someone broke glass to enter your house, your Amazon Echo would hear it and send a notification to your phone. That sounds like a great feature, but does it really work?

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