Partone - Plot Now For Spring
Better Homes & Gardens Australia|August 2020
Make your new vegie patch a place of no toil and no trouble!

It’s cold enough now for you to start yearning for spring – for brighter skies and lighter air. And lighter food. If you’re longing for a fresh tomato and basil salad, a cucumber and coriander Thai dipping sauce or strawberry and mint granita, plan now to have these at your fingertips – just outside the window in your own backyard, balcony or courtyard. With only a few weeks to go before the spring and summer vegetable growing season begins, now is the time to figure out where you want to put your plot, what you want to plant in it, and how you don’t need to sacrifice time and lifestyle to reap the rewards of this immensely satisfying activity.



You may fantasize about a huge vegie plot, with rows and rows of beans, beets and berries, but the reality maybe you have neither the time nor space to work those rows. But little plots that make efficient use of space won’t impose on your summer lifestyle or take up excessive time or energy. Most spring and summer vegetables and herbs are shallow-rooted annuals and don’t need a lot of space unless you plan to grow enough to feed the neighbourhood.

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