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Primitive Quilts and Projects|Winter 2019
To give you a glance into the creative minds of this issue’s project designers, we asked them a design-related question (below). Is there a question you would like to ask our designers? Send it to judy@ and it may appear in a future issue.

We've all experienced the arts in our lives. Music, dance, poetry, paint, and so on. Some of us have performed music or dance, while others have dabbled (or excelled in) painting. There are also many of us who have simply enjoyed watching, listening, looking, reading. How has your life experience with art influenced your creativity as a fiber artist? And feel free to share a fond memory.

Deanna Hodson

Back in the 80’s with the Folk Art craze, I caught the bug and tried my hand at it. The place where I took my Folk Art classes then offered a class in oil painting. I loved the color and detail that could be achieved with this medium and pursued this avenue to the point of painting a portrait of my daughter Amy Lynn.

God’s amazing garden of flowers have always been a major focus in all my artistic endeavors. Because of a move with job and family, there was no longer time for my creative side. Then in 2001 when my mother passed, I gathered her floral hankies and was inspired to make them into a quilt. Quilt making and designing became my new avenue of expression. What a joy to show off my garden of blooms year round. Seasons come and go, but my home is always blossoming.

Dawn Shuck

From a very early age I have been intrigued by color and took every art class available. I always enjoyed experimenting with color and was always amazed at the impact color has on a project or design. So along with my desire to always be creating something and my love of color it was a natural progression toward the quilting world.

As quilters we all know that color selection can make or break a quilt so I really enjoy studying the colors in other quilters projects. I do lean toward the more traditional or primitive colors but do appreciate brighter and bolder colored quilts as well. Since I have been dyeing wool for my designs it has been a wonderful creative adventure into color and I love using different textiles in quilting. I am fortunate to be involved in a lot of quilt shows around the country and the quilts that are submitted to be in the show are true works of art and their creators are definitely true artists.

Jennie Lamb

I come from a long line of seamstresses. I remember my mom and my aunt sewing Christmas presents. Finishing them up on Christmas Eve and laughing the whole time about how late they were. I think from that early memory I equated giving handmade gifts with love. I knew even then that it would have been easier to just buy a gift but they worked until the last minute to give something handmade, something heartfelt. I always wanted to make gifts for others. I was surrounded by creativity. Painting, sewing, and crafting. Quilting became my creative outlet and led to designing. I love to give quilts to others. I feel like it is giving a hug to someone I care about.

Donna McKinney

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