My Pandemic Project
Popular Woodworking|June 2021
I have been an avid woodworker for years, working on one project or another in my spare time.
Christopher Moltion

I’ve built blanket chests, cutting boards, small tables, and the like over the past few years, but like many, have become distracted by the usual responsibilities of life. Having three boys and a job in healthcare means long hours, busy weekends, and little time for ambitious grandiose projects. This all changed in March of 2020.

I work in health care and have never been in a position where I thought my job was ever in jeopardy. As the pandemic raged here in New York, we were put in lockdown, which meant no elective cases in the hospital. As an independent contractor in my industry (which until now had awarded me a better schedule and more freedom) it meant I was the first to be laid off.

Home now with my wife and kids (no school either), I was faced with long hours closed inside with nowhere to go and nothing to do. By the second week, I came to the realization that this was going to be a while, so I sought solace where I have in the past: my small basement shop.

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