View: Millennials Are Turning CEOs Of Their Own Lives
Yoga and Total Health|December 2021
The family is more similar to a corporation than we think
Devdutt Pattanaik

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You Are Responsible For Whatever Is Happening In Your Life

Accept that you are 100 percent responsible for whatever is happening in your life.

1 min read
Transformation Magazine
September 2019

Getting Boys To Open Up

Disclaimer: Daddy Derek is not a doctor. Opinions expressed here are educational, informational and mildly entertaining. In other words, it’s possible I’m full of it.

3 mins read
Charlotte Parent
May 2019

Wish You Were More Creative? Just Pretend!

Thinking you aren’t gifted may be what’s blocking your inner artist

3 mins read
Reader's Digest US
November 2018

Dealing With Cunning People

The world has all types of mild and wild The people. Most of them exhibit their behaviors openly.

3 mins read
Self Improvement International
May 2022

More Me, Now: Is Narcissism On The Rise?

Are we becoming more narcissistic? And is social media behind the seemingly growing me crowd?

4 mins read
BBC Earth
Volume 14 - Issue 1

Bizarre 'alien simulation' study shows how COVID panic-buying was a natural response

New research from the University of New South Wales has demonstrated how people react differently to change

2 mins read
Very Interesting
January/February 2022

Man jailed for murder of Meredith Kercher free after 13 years

Rudy Guede , the only person definitively convicted of the murder of the British student Meredith Kercher , has been freed from prison after completing 13 years of a 16-year sentence.

2 mins read
The Guardian
November 24, 2021

Say No To Negative Thoughts

Negativity, at some time or the other, attacks all of us. Prof. AVR Rao elucidates its mechanism and suggests ways of overcoming this debilitating tendency

5 mins read
Life Positive
October 2021

Ways To Speak Gently

Personal Development

4 mins read
Self Improvement International
September 2021

How A Few Bad Apples Spoil It For Everyone

A few bad apples’ does not mean ‘we have a good barrel but, oh well, sometimes bad things happen’. ‘A few bad apples’ means ‘Our entire organism is rotting from the inside out, triggered by the actions of a few and perpetuated by the natural process of the whole’.

2 mins read
SME Magazine Singapore
Issue 28, 2021