Three Days of Revival and Regeneration At The Yoga Institute, Chorao Island, Goa
Yoga and Total Health|April 2021
How to become a newer you in Goa
Shri Harold Sequeira

Smt. Hansaji Yogendra had invited Promil and myself to have supper with them at their home in The Yoga Institute, on my birthday, 28th January 2021. An auspicious start to my eighty-fifth year!

In the last couple of years my horoscope was more of a horrorscope with the heart, lungs, brain showing signs of conking out. But some good doctors, my devoted spouse, and a helping hand from Hrishiji Yogendra and company helped me to hold my fort and revive a bit. But something vital was lacking; energy -- physical, vital, mental and spiritual. Where would the miracle come from? Which astros would come into my field of horoscope? Jupiter was going to come in my sun sign. ‘Let’s see,’ I was saying to myself.

Trip to The Yoga Institute, Chorao Island, Goa

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