The Art of Letting Go: The Shavasana Way
Yoga and Total Health|January 2022
‘Let go’ is a phrase used often but it has a deeper meaning
Denise Borges

We all are familiar with the words 'Let Go' Usually, they are mentioned at within our homes and work environment. For me, the literal meaning of 'Let Go' made sense only when I started practicing Shavasana. Every yoga class ends with a form of meditation or rest in the form of Shavasana. It certainly calms your body, mind, and soul. For me, it elevates my state of mind from the current situation to an atmosphere of self-care and love.

What is the meaning of 'Letting Go'? In simple terms, letting go means leaving behind the past or troubled situation. As per Google, the phrase means to allow someone or something to escape or go free.

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