Gaining Confidence, One Step At A Time
Yoga and Total Health|July 2021
Cultivating the right kind of attitude is vital for building confidence From a Parisamvada by Dr. Jayadeva Yogendra
Dr. Jayadeva Yogendra
The sense of confidence, of mastery, is considered as an inherent property of the mind, though, unfortunately, we get so defeated that we lose that thinking. We do rise up a little because of our ego and then in a little while, we get beaten and break down. So, against this, cultivating the sense of Aishvarya is suggested. Just sitting in a simple meditative posture can condition the mind, or Asanas can create body awareness, or Shavasana and other such techniques can create relaxation. So, there are techniques that can build up confidence. We find that certain techniques like backward bending make for a good feeling – a feeling of strength. Even more, the cleansing techniques, Shatkarmas, also create a good feeling, a feeling of achievement - that one is able to do something and succeed. Many have reported that before doing Jalaneti, they were a little frightened, but after doing it, they felt confident.

So, this sense of achievement is also a part of our personality. It can be done by Asanas or it can be done by work also. The question is of recognizing our capacity to mould ourselves:

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