Don't Try to Change What You Cannot
Yoga and Total Health|December 2021
Wanting to change the world may be a noble thought but can we truly do it?
Dr. Jayadeva Yogendra

The desire to change this world is a very strong one. We often try to work in that direction. I will share a personal experience. In this area where we live, there were many things that required attention. Many years back, we tried to have a little group with the intention to improve the area. Very interestingly, a few people decided that on Sunday morning, we would all get together and clean the areas where there was a lot of dirt. There was one gentleman (now he is dead) living opposite to us whose name was Mr. Sequeira. He and I used to discuss and then we told a lot of other neighbours. Then on that Sunday, we all gathered. I came out and stood somewhere. Mr. Sequeira came down. We waited and waited and nobody else came. So, the only thing was for both of us to take a broom, clean something, and that was the end of it. We tried a lot to see if we could get others interested but nobody was interested. Ultimately, they advised us, “Don’t worry. Let it continue like that. The municipality is there. They will take care.” So, this is just an example.

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