Choosing The Kind Of Personality That Will Serve Us Well
Yoga and Total Health|December 2021
There are all kinds of approaches to life. Have we chosen the best one?
Dr. Hansaji J. Yogendra

Let us look at what kind of personalities we have to work with. Today in the medical field, they are referred to as ‘Type A’ personality and ‘Type B’ personality. It is observed that Type A personalities are more prone to heart attacks, blood pressure problems, etc. They want to do something; they are never satisfied with anything and forever push ahead to achieve more and more.

Against this kind of a personality is another one: They want to do something but because of discontent . Either you work with contentment or you work because you want to gain something you don’t have. This is the problem of the two personalities. Both are working but their approach is different.

We have to be very clear when doing any action. First of all, learn to be happy with what you have within you instead of looking at what you don’t have and becoming unhappy. People tell me, ‘Hansaji, however much money we have, we feel it is less.’ This 'feeling it is less’ approach has to be corrected. Say ‘thank you’ to God for whatever money you have. There are so many people in this world who do not even have food to eat. If gratitude does not come too ur mind, the nwe will be discontented our whole life.

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