Drive your CARs
Oxygen|Winter 2021
Use controlled articular rotations to improve mobility and enhance the mind-muscle connection.
Sandra Jersby

Your skeleton works wonderfully when everything is aligned, but as you go through life, your muscles develop and grow based on your habitual movement patterns, which often lead to imbalances. People try to correct these by working on flexibility — passively working to achieve an extended range of motion. And flexibility is important, but you also should work on mobility. Mobility is not passive. It uses strength to control range of motion and promotes neuromuscular mastery.

A good way to improve mobility is through the use of controlled articular rotations. The goal of CARs is to move each individual joint in active rotation, tracing the biggest circle possible while maintaining total-body tension to isolate the joint and prevent other muscles from engaging. CARs help build new connective tissue in your joint capsules and improve alignment, and they also can up-level your range of motion and ultimately your lifts. Practice your CARs first thing in the morning or as part of your pre workout warm-up.


Can improve strength and protect the joints during torqueing and lateral movements.

Sit with your knees bent, feet flat on the floor. Place your right hand on top of your left knee, thread your left arm underneath and grasp your right forearm with your left hand to lock your upper thigh into place. Flex your foot and knee, then externally rotate your tibia. Maintain this external rotation as you extend your leg, then at the top internally rotate your tibia. Maintain that rotation as you bend your knee to return to the start. Repeat three to five times in both directions, then switch legs.

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