Many Happy Returns
Scale Aircraft Modelling|February 2022
C.A.C. CA-19 Boomerang
Brian Derbyshire

Kit No: 72426

Scale: 1/72

Type: Injection Moulded Plastic

Manufacturer: Special Hobby

I can hardly believe it's now over ten years since Special Hobby produced this tubby little belter of a kit. This, its third release, represents the third and last batch of Boomers, with new resin bits and transfers to match. The mouldings appear to be unchanged from the original issue. They remain beautifully detailed and remarkably flash-free, but still demand serious thinning of the wing and rudder trailing edges (alas, a nutmeg-grater is not the answer I hoped for). While you're scraping, remove the rather nice ribs from the ailerons - the CA-13 and -19 had metal coverings. Also scribe the division between the wing and centre-section flaps, or you'll never get them down however hard you pump.

Compared with the original issue (the CA-12) my copy of this one has noticeably thicker fuselage shells. In order to get the halves to close round the cockpit assembly, I had to:

(a) remove the small panels fitted directly to the fuselage sides (refit to suit side frames, later)

(b) cut back the outer ends of the rudder-pedal shaft, flush with the frame

(c) thin down under the canopy rails by a full 50%

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