Model Airplane News|May 2020
A cure for the wintertime blues

Instead of sitting on the couch watching television and waiting for spring to arrive, why not build or buy a set of snow skis, bolt them to your plane, and get out there and do some cold weather flying! Winter flying is great fun, and it restores the RC soul during those long, dreary winter months. You can fly with skis, or even use floats, from almost any open field. Just be sure to get the permission of the property owner. You can also fly from a frozen lake (but make sure the ice is safe and that you have enough room to operate your plane properly). Remember, when flying from a lake you’ll be sharing the space with snowmobilers, ice fishers, and other wintertime sports fans. Simply be respectful of others, and you will most likely gain a happy audience.


Dressing warmly is most important for enjoying a day’s flying in the winter. It is even better if you can park your car near your flying spot or find a flying area near a shelter to warm up every so often between flights. A thermos full of hot coffee or soup is a must-have for between-flights enjoyment! If you’re lucky, you’ll find that some winter days can be simply outstanding. With little or no wind, bright sunshine, and milder temps, you won’t even need to wear gloves while preparing your aircraft. For flying, I use a tight-fitting pair of cotton gloves, which allows me to feel my radio’s control sticks. Mechanics’ gloves also work well.

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